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Traditional Chinese herbal medicine (TCHM) is dear to my heart, and is the primary reason I decided to formally study traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Before attending the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine I researched both western and Chinese herbs on my own. Additionally, I had many years of firsthand positive experience as a patient while being treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

During my time in acupuncture school, I was fortunate to work at Mayway Corporation, a Chinese herbal company founded in 1969 and located in Oakland, California. This allowed me a greater opportunity to study Chinese herbs and manufacturing processes. To date I am still employed as an outside consultant and representative for Mayway.

There is a fine art to properly prescribing Chinese herbs. All factors that contribute to a patient’s health profile; including lifestyle, individual metabolism, diet, prescription medications, and dietary supplements are taken into account.

If it is appropriate, and will enhance the treatment plan, I usually write custom powdered herbal formulations for my patients. This is done following a thorough health history and diagnosis according to the principles of TCM, as well as consideration of all of the above factors, particularly with respect to prescription medications and any possible interactions or contraindications.

Custom formulations, which are prepared by Mayway and shipped directly to the patient, are comprised of anywhere from 4 to 17 herbs, which are selected to work in harmony with each other. Herbs are of plant based origin, except for a few mineral based instances. Formulas are chosen and modified based on classic TCM principles and diagnosis patterns.

Compared to conventional medications, herbal medicine works gradually, and one should expect to allow at least 4-6 weeks to see results. Several courses may be needed, and the length of treatment will vary with individual presentation. Some formulas are appropriate for long term use.


I have been working with Janet Borges for the last 18 years (since I moved to Richmond). She graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, where I used to go for treatment when living there. I know of the rigorous, authentically Chinese medicine training she had there. Janet has been my primary health practitioner ever since. She is conscientious and attentive. She has treated everything from physical ailments to emotional duress with incredible success. I see her every six weeks just to keep my body strong.

M. Sheehan
Henrico, VA

Janet’s considerable empathy and depth of knowledge has provided me healing in many body/mind areas, including shoulder injury, grief, while providing overall balance in the midst of big life transitions and travel work schedule. She’s direct, compassionate and non-judgmental. She blends East and West seamlessly into her practice and asks YOU what you are looking for with each acupuncture appointment. Janet’s office is serene, infused with natural light, and smells fantastic–all important to me! Thank you Janet for your skillful, kind care.

E Brodeur

I have only had six months with Janet and I absolutely feel 100% better every time I leave her office-. She is so caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine. Since seeing her my meniers vertigo attacks have drastically decreased and tinnitus is almost nonexistent. She has made my life so much better in so many ways and I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend Janet to anyone.

J Morgan

Janet is AMAZING. A friend recommended her to me because I was having pain issues. I hadn’t really considered it because I don’t like needles, but this is very different. She is so thorough and thoughtful. She is worth every penny. I highly recommend you go see her, you won’t regret it.

M Roberts

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