I have been working with Janet Borges for the last 18 years (since I moved to Richmond). She graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, where I used to go for treatment when living there. I know of the rigorous, authentically Chinese medicine training she had there. Janet has been my primary health practitioner ever since. She is conscientious and attentive. She has treated everything from physical ailments to emotional duress with incredible success. I see her every six weeks just to keep my body strong.

M. Sheehan
Henrico, VA

Janet’s considerable empathy and depth of knowledge has provided me healing in many body/mind areas, including shoulder injury, grief, while providing overall balance in the midst of big life transitions and travel work schedule. She’s direct, compassionate and non-judgmental. She blends East and West seamlessly into her practice and asks YOU what you are looking for with each acupuncture appointment. Janet’s office is serene, infused with natural light, and smells fantastic–all important to me! Thank you Janet for your skillful, kind care.

E Brodeur

I have only had six months with Janet and I absolutely feel 100% better every time I leave her office-. She is so caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine. Since seeing her my meniers vertigo attacks have drastically decreased and tinnitus is almost nonexistent. She has made my life so much better in so many ways and I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend Janet to anyone.

J Morgan

Janet is AMAZING. A friend recommended her to me because I was having pain issues. I hadn’t really considered it because I don’t like needles, but this is very different. She is so thorough and thoughtful. She is worth every penny. I highly recommend you go see her, you won’t regret it.

M Roberts

I went to Janet Borges to try acupuncture as a last resort for foot pain (tendinitis) that no doctor was able to alleviate. My foot doctor suggested surgery after trying everything else he could offer. Of course no results are guaranteed with surgery and I declined.
Janet used a comprehensive approach to the problem I presented. It was my first experience with acupuncture. My first treatment was uncomfortable because I have trouble lying still and had drunk caffeine before my visit. My subsequent visits got better and better, to where I was completely relaxed for my sixth and final visit.
My foot pain still recurs from time to time but its duration is much shorter and it’s less intense.
Janet has a delightful personality and a wry sense of humor, and it’s been a privilege to know her. I will not hesitate to return if necessary, and I highly recommend her.

C Burgess

I believe in proactive, holistic health and wellness which is what serendipitously led me to Janet. Prior to Thunderbolt I had numerous positive acupuncture experiences, but comparatively, Thunderbolt Wellness is on another level of quality and customer experience. It is clear Janet is passionate about what she does, fully invests in her clients, and believes in continuous learning. Janet is truly a top notch Licensed Acupuncturist and I recommend her wholeheartedly.


Janet is an incredible practitioner. We worked together for over 2 years and she helped me enormously. She was able to address hormonal issues, back pain, stress and anxiety, and overall health and well being. Janet created a personalized herbal formula for me and I left each and every treatment instantly feeling better. She is extremely knowledgeable and an amazing resource. I have had experiences with other great acupuncturists and Janet is in a different league. I would highly recommend her. I have recently moved away from Richmond and I know she is one of the people I will miss most.

E Meadows, Boston, MA

I recently started with Janet and after losing my former acupuncturist and it was the best thing that could have happened for me. After 4 visits she has helped with a chronic foot problem I have struggled with for years! She is the most knowledgeable practioner I have ever worked with. Would wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone!

R Oatts

Janet is an outstanding acupuncturist. She treated my chronic lower back pain and now it feels better than it has in months. She is truly a very professional and qualified acupuncturist. Janet also shared with me information and exercises to prevent the injury from reoccurring in the future. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family.

R Schopke, Richmond, VA

I had a crippling pinched nerve in my back which was eventually resolved through some fairly serious spinal surgery. Before I got surgery to fix the underlying mechanical issues, I tried all kinds of “Band-Aids”, including back injections, the usual cornucopia of painkillers muscle relaxers, etc. Nothing really worked well. I was skeptical of acupuncture but Thunderbolt was a real lifesaver. The treatments got me functional again. BTW, she is an excellent primary care physician and took the most thorough personal medical history I have ever had.

C. Robbins, Richmond, VA

Janet has been such a tremendous help to me. I first came to her upon a recommendation from a friend because I was experiencing so much swelling of my knees that I could not complete my 8 hour nursing clinical. Janet discussed with me all of my health issues and was very careful as to what herbs may be appropriate with my existing medications. This really impressed me. The acupuncture made a huge difference with my knees and I no longer have the swelling. I have not had to have cortisone shots for over 3 years and I simply enjoy my appointments! It is the most relaxing time for me as most often I fall asleep, which is unusual as I have a hard time relaxing. Thanks Janet for all of your help!


For decades I struggled with a tobacco habit (addiction) that began with snuff in college and later included smoking. After reading that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine were useful in smoking cessation, I sought treatment and luckily found Janet Borges. The treatments included both acupuncture and herbs, and in six months I was nicotine free. That was over six years ago. I have continued regular acupuncture treatment with Ms. Borges to keep my lower back pain and sciatica in check, and recently she has been helping me with issues relating to hypertension. I will maintain this care with Ms. Borges as an integral part of my healthcare regimen.


I was having a terrible time with anti anxiety medication for insomnia, which was causing me to have panic attacks and issues I wasn’t having at all during a normal day. I did extensive research and found that acupuncture could help my insomnia and other health issues like sluggish thyroid, anxiety, allergies and just overall well being. Janet is like no other health professional. She actually spends time with you and listens to what is going on in your life as she understands that your total well being depends on knowing the patient as a whole. She is 110% in favor of you being your best health advocate; supporting you as her patient in every way as you endeavor to live your healthiest and most balanced life. I am happy to say I now am a regular patient of acupuncture. I actually am lulled into napping most of the time during treatment, which says a lot as I’m not your normal “laid back” type, with lots of sleep issues! I’ve found regular acupuncture is a really great tool to add to an overall healthy lifestyle. Janet is really one of a kind in an era of healthcare that can seem like “one size fits all”. She really wants you to feel better and genuinely cares. Who wouldn’t want to incorporate that kind of treatment into his/her life?


Have you ever thought about the term “peace and quiet”? My treatments with Janet always offer both. The soothing atmosphere first quiets my body, and then my mind. What follows is truly a beautiful peace. Perhaps the saying should be “quiet, then peace.” Janet’s caring yet professional demeanor provides expert knowledge and care that follows through from session to session.


Janet is awesome! We met years ago when she treated me while going through my journey through fertility assistance. I then came back after 4 years with a slew of issues and she helped me with each and every one of them: stress, TMJ, headache, and stomach issues. She is incredibly helpful and I would highly recommend her talent and service to anyone looking for an eastern medicine approach to their health.

P.Y. Midlothian, VA

Since 2007, I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Janet. Treatments have addressed digestive issues, skin issues such as eczema, colds, irregular sleep patterns, and back pain. Frequency of visits varied widely depending on the issue. I have had great success with her treatments. Most recently, Janet has reduced and almost completely eliminated debilitating back pain/spams after I had tried months of other forms of treatment. Janet is not only a thoughtful and rational practitioner but also a great person.

B.R. Richmond, VA

Janet Borges is an outstanding practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ve been going to her practice for 10 years and she is the only one that has given me relief from chronic arthritic pain in my wrists. Additionally, treatment leaves me with an overall sense of pure well-being. If you’re considering acupuncture but are worried about if it’s going to hurt or if it’s for you, I urge you to see Janet. I’ve sent many friends to her. She’s wonderful!

B.K. Montpelier, VA

I have worked with many different TCM practitioners over the past 15+ years. Janet is one of the best. She is incredibly knowledgeable, meticulous, patient, current in her practice and in many other aspects of wellness in general. An outstanding, sensitive, and caring practitioner. I have an extensive background in health care and am more than a little picky. I could not recommend Janet more highly.

B.R. Richmond, VA

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