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Have you ever thought about the term “peace and quiet”? My treatments with Janet always offer both. The soothing atmosphere first quiets my body, and then my mind. What follows is truly a beautiful peace. Perhaps the saying should be “quiet, then peace.” Janet’s caring yet professional demeanor provides expert knowledge and care that follows through from session to session.


I have such enormous gratitude to Janet for all she has done for me. I have suffered with infertility for many years. Janet played a big part in helping me ready my body and mind for my pregnancy. The acupuncture and herbs, counseling and care I received from Janet was incredible. I am now a proud Mommy of a little boy. He is healthy and happy in every way. Janet is a truly gifted provider of whole body health. Thank you Janet for all that you’ve done for me & my family!!!


I was having a terrible time with anti anxiety medication for insomnia, which was causing me to have panic attacks and issues I wasn’t having at all during a normal day. I did extensive research and found that acupuncture could help my insomnia and other health issues like sluggish thyroid, anxiety, allergies and just overall well being. Janet is like no other health professional. She actually spends time with you and listens to what is going on in your life as she understands that your total well being depends on knowing the patient as a whole. She is 110% in favor of you being your best health advocate; supporting you as her patient in every way as you endeavor to live your healthiest and most balanced life. I am happy to say I now am a regular patient of acupuncture. I actually am lulled into napping most of the time during treatment, which says a lot as I’m not your normal “laid back” type, with lots of sleep issues! I’ve found regular acupuncture is a really great tool to add to an overall healthy lifestyle. Janet is really one of a kind in an era of healthcare that can seem like “one size fits all”. She really wants you to feel better and genuinely cares. Who wouldn’t want to incorporate that kind of treatment into his/her life?


For decades I struggled with a tobacco habit (addiction) that began with snuff in college and later included smoking. After reading that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine were useful in smoking cessation, I sought treatment and luckily found Janet Borges. The treatments included both acupuncture and herbs, and in six months I was nicotine free. That was over six years ago. I have continued regular acupuncture treatment with Ms. Borges to keep my lower back pain and sciatica in check, and recently she has been helping me with issues relating to hypertension. I will maintain this care with Ms. Borges as an integral part of my healthcare regimen.


Janet has been such a tremendous help to me. I first came to her upon a recommendation from a friend because I was experiencing so much swelling of my knees that I could not complete my 8 hour nursing clinical. Janet discussed with me all of my health issues and was very careful as to what herbs may be appropriate with my existing medications. This really impressed me. The acupuncture made a huge difference with my knees and I no longer have the swelling. I have not had to have cortisone shots for over 3 years and I simply enjoy my appointments! It is the most relaxing time for me as most often I fall asleep, which is unusual as I have a hard time relaxing. Thanks Janet for all of your help!


I have a chronic digestive disorder, for which I have sought treatment for many years with limited results, and after a friend referred me to Janet, I scheduled a complimentary consult in her office. We talked about my situation and if she thought she could help me. She said that she didn’t know for sure, but that she would try, and would be forthcoming if she felt she could not. To my surprise, instead of trying to “sell” me on her skills, she suggested that I call other practitioners and have a consult with them in order to decide on the right practitioner. I was encouraged by our conversation and after a few weeks of wrestling with my fear of the acupuncture needles, I decided to schedule my first treatment. That was a year ago. I am happy to say that my symptoms have greatly improved and I have been able to stop one of my pain medications, started exercising again, and have made vast changes to my diet with Janet’s help. Her demeanor is professional, honest and kind, and I am very happy that I decided to begin treatment with her.
Thank you, Janet!


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